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The specific method of checking a bank balance online varies from bank to bank, but the components for this task are similar with most financial institutions. First, log on to your bank's website. A great way to get the web address is to call your local branch.


When a consumer banks with a company that offers online banking services, he is typically able to check account balances online. Some bank customers neglect reconciling and monitoring account activity because of the convenience of reviewing account balances online, acco...


To check a bank account balance online, a customer typically goes to the "online banking" section of the bank's website and logs into his account. The first step to gain online access with many banks is to register. TD Bank and Union Bank both direct customers to enroll...


Bank of America provides an online account portal that is accessible at BankOfAmerica.com. It also has an online banking service that allows customers to check their balance or payment history from a laptop or phone, notes its official website.


Checking an account balance at the bank is available through an online station, the ATM or through a conversation with the teller, according to Santander Bank and TDBank. Any of these methods provides the user with the most recent balance.


To check a bank account balance online, visit the bank's website and log in using the pre-determined user name and password. Review the digital bank account register to view recent and past transactions along with scheduled payments, recommends About.com.


It's possible for anyone who has an online account with their bank to check their account balance online from anywhere they have an Internet connection. All that is required is the user name and password for the online account.