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I got this at-home female hormone lab test from True Health Labs. It’s suitable for men or women. The kit came with instructions and 4 vials for me to collect saliva samples (morning, noon, dinner and right before bed) – and the collection had to happen at a certain point in my menstrual cycle (day 19) to get the most accurate reading.


How to Test Your Hormone Levels at Home. Hormones are integral to health, and they are often tested at the doctor's office. While you can't do your own hormone testing at home (with the exception of ovulation testing), you can use at-home...


How to Test Estrogen Levels at Home. While estrogen is often considered to be the female hormone, estrogen hormones play important developmental and sexual function roles in both women and men. But ensuring proper estrogen levels is also important for other reasons. Altered levels in women can signal pregnancy or menopause or more serious medical problems in men.


First, test your hormone levels. There are a number of hormone tests that look at hormones; blood tests are conventionally used, but salivary tests offer a more functional view of levels available for use in the body. Once you've tested your levels, you can begin to address the underlying causes of the imbalances by:


Let’s take a look at the hormone test, and then come back to how you can, at home, figure out the hormonal fix you’re in. The one hormone test all women need. When you visit your OBGYN you will want to ask for the Female Hormone Panel. This test measures your estrogen, progesterone and FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) levels.


Saliva testing is a simple, accurate way to determine your "free" or bioavailable hormone levels. This is the best way to answer your questions about hormone balance--or imbalance--in the privacy of your own home.


One of the most popular methods to check hormone levels at home is the saliva test. This test works in a similar manner as a prick te st, except for the fact that you need to send a saliva sample instead of blood. The kit comes with a collector in which you need to spit and mail the sample to the lab.


How to Check Hormone Levels at Home. Here’s how to test hormone levels from the comfort of home: The EverlyWell Women’s Health test lets you easily check for 11 key hormones all from the comfort of your own home. The kit includes everything you need– even a prepaid shipping label to send your samples to the lab.


The best way to test your hormones is going to depend on which hormones you want to get tested, and unfortunately there is not one perfect test that does “everything”! So if you have the many different symptoms of hormone imbalance then this guide to hormone testing will help you decide the best way to test your hormones.


But this does not mean that you have to regularly visit the doctor, you can check the level of testosterone in the blood at home. There is a special questionnaire, it was specifically designed based on the first signs of a lack of testosterone. The results show what changes can occur if there is a change in hormone levels.