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Most states offer information about a child's support status on the website of the Department of Social Services or the Department of Revenue. Examples include jupiter.dss.state.va.us for Virginia and dor.myflorida.com for Florida.


The statute of limitations on child support requires a delinquent non-custodial parent to pay child support arrears even when the child reaches the age of majority, and generally varies by state, according to HG.org. Some states provide requirements for collection of ar...


The process of checking child support payments online varies by state. You can check the status of child support payments online by logging into your account using your case number, Social Security number or member ID at the Tennessee Department of Human Services websit...


On most websites, you can check the status of an order online by logging into your account and choosing the "Order Status" link. Most online retailers allow users to check the status without an account by entering the order number.


Each state administers its own child support collections, and both noncustodial and custodial parents can call the state agency or, in some states, visit the website that tracks payments, IN.gov and the Attorney General of Texas explain. These are not public records, so...


Customers can check the status of their 401(k) retirement savings accounts by identifying their plan administrator, creating an online account and logging in to their accounts, note the Principal and Wells Fargo official websites. Customers can also review their account...


Visit FlightNetwork.com and CheckMyTrip.com to find out about the status of an e-ticket. AkbarTravels.com is another website that provides similar ticket-checking services online as of 2015.