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As of 2015, the cheapest cars available in the United States include the Nissan Versa, Chevy Spark, Kia Rio LX and the Ford Fiesta, according to Autobytel. Each of these automobiles sell for less than $15,000 brand new.


In 2014, Kentucky was the cheapest state to live in, according to CNBC's cost-of-living index. In Kentucky, the average home price is $244,299, and a gallon of milk costs $2.19, as of 2014.


In the United States, Oregon is the least expensive state in which to purchase a car, while Alaska, New Hampshire, Montana and Hawaii follow close behind. The price of car ownership includes several factors, such as state and local taxes, the cost of state registration and dealer documentation fees.


While it is common for residential electric users to pay the same rate for electricity at all times, some electric companies offer peak and off-peak pricing options. Typically, night and weekend hours offer the lowest prices.


Travellers can find cheap fares on the Internet on Amtrak's website under the Deals tab. Amtrak also offers discounts to children, students, seniors and more. Passengers interested in long-term travel can buy a rail pass, which saves money on travel to multiple destinations.


A few key elements to building the cheapest house is getting the right piece of land, the quality and type of materials used, and finding the right contractors and workmen. A home’s design can also significantly influence the cost.


According to Green Choices, heating a home with mains gas paired with an energy-efficient condensing boiler is likely to be the least expensive option, providing mains gas is available in an area. This is also one of the least polluting conventional ways to heat a home. Other popular methods used to


A heat pump is the most cost-effective option for home heating, but it is important for homeowners to ensure that the pump is installed correctly to ensure efficient heat production. Heat pumps utilize outside air to heat homes in the winter and cool homes in the summer.


The least expensive way to heat a house is by burning firewood in a wood stove. Once a wood stove is installed, the only yearly cost involved is the purchase of the wood itself. Some people cut and transport their own, which further reduces the cost.


Crude oil was cheapest by the barrel in 1998, when each drum cost just over $17 once adjusted for 2015 prices. The next closest price was recorded in 1946 and cost approximately $19.41 after adjusting for inflation. The price of oil is highly susceptible to the supply and demand of the market.