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Though cosmetology programs vary by state, most full-time programs take a year or less to complete. However, many cosmetology schools also offer part-time classes that take around 18 months to complete.


Some good schools for studying cosmetology are Maryland Community College in North Carolina, Saint Paul College in Minnesota, College of DuPage in Illinois and Oakland Community College in Michigan, according to Study.com. Cosmetology schools teach students how to care for and treat skin, nails and


Cosmetology supplies include reusable equipment like hair dryers and brushes, nail clippers and files, makeup brushes and towels and aprons to protect clothing. They also include items that must be replenished frequently, including nail polishes and solutions, hair shampoos and colors, makeup and sk


The most common career paths for cosmetologists include becoming a barber, hair stylist, esthetician, salon manager, makeup artist or an instructor of cosmetology. Other career paths can include running franchises for salon companies, selling goods at trade shows and working in the development of ne


The requirements to become a cosmetology teacher are the completion of a cosmetology training program, obtainment of a cosmetology license, a certain number of years' worth of experience, and instructor training and certification. Each state has different licensing requirements regarding the issuanc


Schools that offer cosmetology degrees include Los Angeles Trade-Tech Community College, Guilford Technical Community College, Walla Walla Community College, Western Nebraska Community College and Yuba College. These schools offer an associate's degree program in cosmetology, which typically is a 2-


Requirements for getting a cosmetology license vary by state, but the minimum requirements often include the person being at least 18, having at least a high school diploma or its equivalent and graduating from an approved cosmetology program. The licensing exam includes a written portion and a styl


According to Beauty Schools Directory, cosmetology kits contain basic supplies for hair care and styling. Some kits are specifically designed for manicurists or barbers. The kits are typically contained in aluminum cases, plastic kiosks with drawers or suitcases with wheels attached.


Some recommended cosmetology textbooks as of 2015 are the "Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology, Third Edition," "A Short Textbook of Cosmetology" and "Chemical and Physical Behavior of Human Hair," according to Chemists Corner. The latter of these is also colloquially referred to as "Robbins


Cosmetology licenses can usually be renewed online or by mail. Typically, renewal notices are mailed out to cosmetology practitioners every 2 years.