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Websites like ezHomeHeating.com and CashHeatingOil.com allow shoppers to request price quotes in a particular area. Buyers might also want to look for listings on Craigslist.


Crude oil was cheapest by the barrel in 1998, when each drum cost just over $17 once adjusted for 2015 prices. The next closest price was recorded in 1946 and cost approximately $19.41 after adjusting for inflation. The price of oil is highly susceptible to the supply and demand of the market.


A heat pump is the most cost-effective option for home heating, but it is important for homeowners to ensure that the pump is installed correctly to ensure efficient heat production. Heat pumps utilize outside air to heat homes in the winter and cool homes in the summer.


The Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Smart ForTwo Electric Drive and Chevrolet Spark EV are the three cheapest electric cars available in the United States as of 2015. Each is priced under $28,000 before the available $7,500 electric car tax credit offered by the U.S. government.


As of 2015, some of the cheapest older cars are the 1970 MG MGB, the 1964 Ford Thunderbird Coupe and the 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe, according to Bankrate and Hagerty. Prices for these cars range between $5,000 and $26,000.


GasBuddy.com is a website offering a useful tool that identifies the cheapest gas in an area. The site asks for the Zip code or town name and then lists the nearby gas stations in order of cheapest to most expensive.


Free cable service is a package of cable television channels provided to customers free of charge. As of 2015, there are no cable television service providers in the United States that offer cable television channel packages for free.


The cheapest way to ship a shipping container is to buy a repurposed container and to limit its size to a maximum length of 20 feet. Repurposed containers tend to be made locally in the United States, whereas new containers are most likely to be produced overseas in China.


The colleges in America that offer the lowest tuition and fees for out-of-state students are Delta State University, Minot State University, Bemidji State University, Oklahoma Panhandle State University and West Texas A&M University. Universities usually charge out-of-state students more than reside


In general, the cheapest cars to insure are the most inexpensive and those that cost the least to repair, says Forbes. As of 2015, these vehicles include family minivans and SUV crossovers. Cars with lower horsepower and those that are unlikely to be stolen are also cheaper to insure, explains Kelle