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Bulking up is a process that takes a varying amount of time depending on the individual who is attempting to bulk up and his original weight and diet. In order to bulk up fast, you need to make several changes to your current diet plan.


According to Men's Fitness Magazine, healthy bulking foods include high-protein items such as salmon, chicken and lean meats. High-carbohydrate foods that are essential for optimal bulking include quinoa, oats and high-grain breads. Bulking foods that contain "good fat" include avocados and coconuts


There are two main ways to bulk and cut: bulk and cut simultaneously or bulk up and then lean down. The second method is much more traditional and still the prevailing model employed by professional bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and committed lifters.


Bulk T-shirts are T-shirts bought in very large quantities, typically when a team, club, business or other organization requires all its members to wear the same type of shirt. T-shirts bought in bulk are often white and sometimes are printed with graphic designs or logos.


Bulk flow is a movement of molecules from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure. In cell biology, it refers to the transport of fluids or electrolytes between cells through openings, or pores, between the cells. Toilets and faucets employ mechanisms that utilize bulk flow, as well as t


To buy books in bulk for a business, determine which book you want and how many copies are needed. Research book suppliers, and find out their policies concerning things such as price and shipping. Finally, contact a supplier to make a deal and place the order.


Bulk transport involves shipping goods or cargo with large trucks, trains or maritime vessels. Usually, these types of items are not packaged in boxes and are raw goods and materials. Common examples of bulk items transported this way include coal, grain and petroleum.


According to the Etiquette Scholar, there are 12 standardized plate types in use as of 2014. Some of these plates are used for daily meals while others are reserved for special occasions. Most dinnerware sets don't include all 12 types.


Sand by the bulk is available from various online retailers, such as Home Depot, Lowe's and Sandtastik. To purchase bulk sand from Sandtastik, use the sand calculator to determine the amount of sand required and receive a price quote.


As of 2015, the American Target Company and Pistoleer.com offer targets in bulk and may have discounts available. In addition, online stores at eBay sell several different types of paper targets.