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A Straight Talk smartphone is a smartphone that uses the Straight Talk program for service. Straight Talk is a company that provides pay-as-you-go wireless phone service. A smartphone is a handheld device that combines features of a computer with those of a wireless phone.


Samsung's Galaxy S6, Apple's iPhone 6 Plus, Apple's iPhone 6, Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 and Motorola's Moto E 4G LTE earned the top spots for best smartphones, based on an online review by CNET in March 2015. Samsung's Galaxy S6 also garnered the best smartphone overall ranking at Tom's Guide.


According to Lifehacker, Windows Phones and iPhones are easy to use and suitable for users who need only certain features without extensive amenities. Windows Phones are easiest for users who only want to text, use e-mail and browse the Internet, while iPhones are easiest for users who prefer using


The top five smartphones at the end of 2014 are the iPhone 6, Xperia Z3, Moto X, Galaxy Note 4 and the Nexus 6. These are followed by the One M8, Blackberry Passport, Lumia 1520, G3 and One M8 Android, according to an article published on ZDnet.com.


Some phones sold by Straight Talk use the Verizon network, and some do not. Each phone the company sells is assigned to its own home network. The brand also features phones that use T-mobile, AT&T, Sprint and regional carriers to provide call and data services.


The top five smartphones of 2015 include the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Apple iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S5, Apple iPhone 6 and LG G3, according to CNET. These are considered the top-rated smartphones as a result of cutting-edge innovation, functionality, design, battery life and performance.


Advantages of smartphones include Internet connectivity, productivity tools and access to apps for almost any purpose. Users can stay connected virtually anywhere by connecting to Wi-Fi or using data plans connected to the smartphone.


Although no standard definition for the word "smartphone" exists, the general consensus is that a mobile phone must have a widely used operating system and be able to run third-party apps to be deemed so. Some experts also consider Internet connectivity, embedded memory and other similar technologie


The American technology company IBM (International Business Machines Corp.) invented the smartphone in 1992. The first smartphone released for the public was named Simon.


The capabilities of a smartphone include the ability to make telephone calls, send or receive emails, view Office documents, access the Internet, and send or receive multimedia messages. These phones also have other useful features such as an alarm clock, flashlight, apps and games.