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To replace a car windshield cheaply, use an online comparison service to compare prices of car windshield replacement services nearby, or find a cheap supplier. Options include Glass.net and AutoGlassOnly.com.


Windscreen and windshield installation and repair websites, such as Windshieldguide.com and TruWindshield.com, provide detailed windshield replacement guides. TruWindshield.com focuses on repairing and replacing damaged windshields, while Windshieldguide.com offers general windshield information.


Glass Doctor, Safelite AutoGlass, ABRA Auto Body and Glass, Speedy Glass and Harmon AutoGlass are examples of companies that replace windshields, as of 2015. These legal companies provide professional services. The official websites of these companies provide their contact information and services.


To replace a front windshield, remove the plastic trim or rubber molding, the urethane molding and the seal holding the windshield in place, and then apply urethane to the pinchweld and urethane primer to the frit band of the replacement windshield. Finally, align the glass properly on its frame.


Because many tools are involved and the possibility of mishandling the installation is significant, experts recommend that you let a professional replace a car windshield. If you want to replace it yourself, you need a set of windshield replacement tools in addition to the new windshield.


SafeWindshields.org provides a tool to help consumers find a mechanic who knows how to replace a windshield. The user enters his ZIP code, desired search radius and desired number of results, and the tool provides the names, addresses and phone numbers of reliable, registered shops that replace wind


Safelite, O'Brien, the Glass Doctor and Speedy Auto Glass all have numerous locations nationwide that replace rear windshields on most vehicle models. Some offer services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many also offer on-site services that come to the vehicle's location for rear windshield repai


To replace a windshield on a boat, detach the old windshield by removing the corresponding screw caps and screws, and place the new windshield in the correct position. Using grommets that come with the replacement windshield and screws, secure the new windshield. Replace the screw caps.


To perform an auto windshield replacement, remove the rubber gasket, push the windshield out of the frame, set the new windshield and gasket into the frame, and wipe the frame with a damp cloth. This one-hour procedure requires gloves, a screwdriver, a utility knife, a damp cloth, sealant and a brus


While all windshields are made with laminated glass that is shatter resistant in a collision, special types of windshields exist. These types include rain-sensing windshields, heated windshields, antenna-embedded windshields and heads-up-display windshields.