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According to consumer reviews listed on FurnaceCompare.com as of 2015, Carrier furnaces rank 49th out of 77 possible brands of furnaces listed on their website. Some reviews go on to denounce the furnace brand for its low quality and tendency to break down quickly.


Wall furnaces are generally used for heating a single room, while central furnaces send warm air throughout the structure. Most standard furnaces use natural gas, propane or heating oil, while many wall furnaces use electrical heating.


Time's Money site suggests that Cricket Basic is a top phone package for the typical individual user, with the Cricket Basic With Group Save Discount being best for families. Time rates the Verizon More Everything 6GB With Verizon Edge as the best plan for heavy users, with the AT&T Mobile Share Val


While energy-efficient gas furnaces save money over time, regulations as of 2015 ensure that all furnaces are far more efficient than those used in the past. Homeowners who use furnaces regularly may want to opt for more efficient systems.


In the short term, purchasing an electric furnace is cheaper than purchasing a gas furnace. In the long term, gas furnaces are cheaper to operate than electric, according to Bryant Air.


Propane is a cleaner fuel than oil, but oil is not combustible in air and is safer. Other factors to consider include cost of fuel, the existing heating system and cost of replacing the furnace.


The cost of an electric furnace is normally less expensive than a gas furnace and an electric furnace is typically cheaper to install. The cost of operating a electric furnace is typically more expensive than a gas furnace.


Used furnace parts can be found on eBay at prices that are often lower than those found at retail locations. A search on eBay under the heading "used furnace" returned 4,635 results, including circuit boards, exhaust pipe extension kits and inducer vent motors, as of February 2015.


A propane furnace conversion results in a more cost-effective heating system with reduced environmental impact, as reported in a study by propane company Eastern Propane. These effects are largely due to the higher efficiency of a propane furnace as compared with an oil furnace.


Independent dealers such as Brookside USA and Coleman Tractor offer discounted tractor packages online, and manufacturers such as Kobota and John Deere offer online dealer search tools to find information on new tractors for sale regionally. IronSearch.com offers a comprehensive price guide for used