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While it's sometimes possible to order directly from the designer, designer clothing is also available at fashion outlets and fashion districts. Websites such as BestLabelsOnline.com and DNCWholesale.com sell designer brands at wholesale prices.


Island Wholesaler, Steal Deal and TB Wholesaler offer wholesale urban and hip-hop clothing for men, women and children. Brands available from these vendors include Southpole, Rocawear and Ed Hardy.


Consignment stores, luxury daily deal websites, and discount outlets of high-end department stores are good sources of discounted designer fashions. Knowing when major department stores have sales is also a good way to find discount designer merchandise.


Wholesale Liquidators is the brand name of several retail companies that sell discounted merchandise. Products available at these retailers are sourced from a variety of different places and usually were on the shelf at other retailers before becoming available at Wholesale Liquidators.


Custom Baby and DHGate.com each offer burp cloths in wholesale lots of different sizes. Diapers.com also offers burp cloths, some of which come in a set with other baby clothes and accessories.


Renting a truck or trailer is typically the cheapest way to ship furniture. Shipping and freight services are rarely the most cost-effective option when transporting heavier items like couches and beds. When using out-of-state moving services, comparing rates and negotiating for services may produce


A wholesale club is a retailer that requires customers to become members, and they in turn can purchase groceries, gas, auto services and even health screenings. Products sold at wholesale clubs are available in larger quantities than they are at grocery stores, with a lower cost per item. Wholesale


Merchant wholesalers are intermediaries between manufacturers and retailers. Typically, they purchase bulk quantities of goods from manufacturers and resell them to retailers at a profit.


National Tire Wholesale is a tire and custom wheel warehouse. The company is located at 7447 River Road in Delta, British Columbia, and offers a flyer with special online sale pricing through their website.


Military surplus stores, such as ArmyNavyDeals.com and ArmedForcesGear.com, are good options for buying clothing from the United States Navy. For navy-colored clothing, discount clothing stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Old Navy typically have a large variety of items to choose from.