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People seeking cheaper car insurance quotes should reduce coverage for older vehicles, raise their deductibles, indicate if they are infrequent drivers, look for discounts, and protect their cars from theft, notes About.com. People should also seek quotes for budget insurance from various carriers,


Online auto insurance companies offer direct automobile coverage over the Internet, according to About.com. As of 2015, notable online insurance companies include Geico, Progressive and Esurance.


To find cheap life insurance online, consumers should opt for insurance agencies that offer coverage from several companies, as this increases the options available, according to Bankrate. To get an accurate and low insurance quote, fill out an online questionnaire with all the basic information the


Auto insurance provides coverage against financial loss in the event of an accident. An auto insurance policy is a contract between the vehicle owner and an insurance company, whereby the owner pays a premium to receive coverage for damages, repairs and other costs stipulated in the contract.


Auto insurance proves important for several reasons: it offers drivers financial protection in accidents, reduces or eliminates costly fees arising from automobile accidents and provides compensation for vehicle loss and damage sustained through accidents, natural events, theft and damage, say exper


One tip for finding cheap car insurance online is to know exactly how much coverage is necessary for the vehicle in question and comparing prices for minimum coverage at different insurance agencies, especially the costs of bodily injury liability for a single person, property damage liability and b


One website consumers can use to compare rates for online auto insurance companies is Esurance. At Esurance, consumers can get real quotes from leading insurance providers and compare a number of different rates at the same time. The quotes may also include discounts that are available to the custom


The Hartford Financial Services Group and Amica Mutual Insurance Company are both highly rated auto insurance providers, based on customer reviews and financial stability ratings, as of 2015, notes About.com. The Hartford offers auto insurance through independent insurance agents and through its par


When researching auto insurance policies, consumers should get at least three quotes from competing companies, either by contacting respective options via phone or online. Side-by-side comparison quotes are helpful because they allow people to quickly see differences in available coverage limits.


To compare insurance quotes online, request quotes at InsureMe.com. The site offers comparison quotes for various types of insurance, including automotive, home, life, health and long-term care, states InsureMe. To compare health insurance quotes and collect information about government assistance,