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The optimal time to prune pine trees is when the new growth has completely elongated, which usually occurs in mid-June to mid-July in the United States. Pruning one-third of the new growth can encourage the tree to become fuller and bushier.


The best time of year to trim apple trees is right before spring as winter ends, according to the Oregon State University Extension Service. Because the most severe and cold weather is finished, fresh cuts are not subject to ice damage, and the timing to start new growth is good.


To trim a lemon tree, prune back around a third of the growth about one inch away from the trunk or main branches. Always cut the branches at an angle facing away from the tree.


Gardeners should use caution when pruning palm trees, as they are slow growing and over-pruning can be fatally damaging. Many tips for pruning palm trees caution the gardener about what not to remove and how to remove old growth without harming new growth. Palm trees grow new fronds one at a time, a


If a quick burst of growth is desired during the spring, trees should be pruned in late winter. To slow growth, trees should be trimmed in the summer. Most people trim their trees during the winter, but this should only be done after the coldest weather of the season has passed, and trees should nev


Trimming rubber tree plants is relatively simple, and it can be done by cutting just above the nodes using a pair of pruning shears. Rubber tree plants tend to grow large, and regular pruning is required to control their growth. The plant responds well to pruning, and it can be performed at any time


When trimming trees and shrubs, get the right equipment, know the best time to trim and always make the cut close to where the branch begins from the main limb. Remove dead or diseased branches and branches that are entangled or thick, which can cause other branches injury over time.


Pruning to remove dead wood can be done at any time. Other times to prune include winter, summer and spring. The best time to prune trees and shrubs depends mainly on why the pruning is necessary.


When trimming a maple tree in the winter, wait until the coldest period has passed. Don’t be surprised if the maple tree has flowing sap while trimming the branches. This is normal and stops after the leaves fall out.


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