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The application of a herbicide is the best way of removing an unwanted tree. Herbicide application is safer, less expensive and more efficient than mechanical tree removal methods.


Exposed surface tree roots can be removed during the fall or winter months by cutting the roots in a sharp, clean method to prevent damage to the tree as a whole, according to certified arborist Kevin Bassett of Arborilogical Services Inc. Tree roots have a greater chance to regenerate provided they


The process to remove a palm tree requires a mechanical spade, a large piece of burlap, a tree trimmer and a hose. Palm tree owners should only attempt to remove and/or transplant trees that are less than 10 feet tall. Larger specimens need to be removed by a contractor or arborist to avoid injury.


If a palm tree grows to the point that it encroaches on the power lines running overhead, the utility company may remove it for free. There are no other free options for palm tree removal as of 2016.


Remove tree limbs by first identifying those that require removal. For a large limb, begin near the leaf end and remove it in several sections. For smaller limbs, make an initial cut about halfway through the underside of the branch, about 18 inches from the trunk and a second cut from the top a few


As of 2015, the average price range of palm tree removal is usually between $200 and $500. However, this cost can vary depending on certain circumstances, such as the size of the tree.


According to New Mexico State University, removing a complete band of tree bark from a tree can kill the tree because it contains the phloem layer that is responsible for carrying food to the roots. When the tree has no way to receive food, the roots will eventually die and stop sending water and ot


The cost of removing a tree and stump ranges between $150 and $1,500 as of 2015. Factors affecting the price include the type of tree, the height of the tree and the complexity of the job.


Remove a tree stump cut close to the ground by drilling holes, filling them with potassium nitrate and boiling water, waiting a few months, then burning the stump. The process is slower than stump grinding and works best on stumps of trees cut at least a year prior to the beginning of the process.


Bromide Stump-Out and Spectracide are effective chemical stump removal products, according to TreeRemoval.com. Tordon RTU is an effective liquid alternative to these granular products. It is also popular among consumers who prefer a potassium nitrate-free stump killer.