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The laser surgical method provides the most humane, state-of-the-art technique for declawing cats in veterinary practice today. Cat’s scratching is a normal behavior that not only helps shed dead nails; it also provides feline communication by depositing scent from glands between their toes on to the scratched object.


Laser declawing is considered by some in the veterinary community to be the most humane method for declawing. Reasons cited for this are that the toes undergo less trauma with laser, nerve endings are “sealed” off leading to less pain, and less bleeding occurs. 4 Several scientific studies showed that cats did experience less pain initially (i.e. within 1-2 days of the procedure) with ...


Cat Declawing is a surgical procedure that requires an overnight stay for pain injection & observation in addition to antibiotic distribution. The cat is usually walking within an hour post surgery. On Day 2, we administer the second antibiotic and monitor your cat. We then make a decision on if your cat is ready to be picked up and brought home.


Declawing your cat is an emotionally debated topic. You often tend to think that declawing is a quick fix for unwanted scratching. Remember claws are the first-line defense of cats and clawing is the natural and healthy behavior of cats. Train your cat to behave in the desired manner. Use declawing as the last resort.


Declawing kittens is very controversial. There is a healthy alternative, that only takes a little time and practice. Soft Claws Nail Caps for Cats and Kittens are an effective and humane alternative to declawing that will help prevent problem scratching


Completed Feline Surgery Admittance/Consent Form is required; Feline Post-Op Surgical Instructions; We no longer offer Declaw Surgery; Any cat over the age of 6 requires blood work prior to surgical procedures. We offer micro- chipping at the neuter/spay appointment. $25.00- ask us about it when you bring your cat for spay/neuter.


Currently, the Foundation refers people needing to spay or neuter feral cats to local programs for ferals. The Foundation has spayed and neutered close to 15,000 cats and kittens to date. Call 309-360-7455 or email us at purrsonalities4peoria@yahoo.com for information or to schedule your cat or kitten today! Save lives by spaying and neutering ...


what are some cheap places to declaw cats in San Antonio tx? I am looking for cheap places to declaw my cat (I know declawing a cat is inhumaine do not say rude things) our cat is destroying everything and cutting her nails isn't working. she is an inside cat.


A feral cat is a wild cat that cannot be touched and must be trapped. It does not live in a house with humans. We allow this because feral cats are unpredictable to trap. Also, it prevents keeping a trap cat confined the least amount of time. If you can put a cat in a carrier or in the trap, you need an appointment.


To find an in-depth list of the reasons to spay or neuter your pet see Benefits of Spaying and Why Neuter Your Dog?. These routine surgeries typically cost up to $200, depending on the vet and the facility.