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As of March 2015, Chase Bank offers consumers several credit card options that provide rewards, including cash back, points for free rooms, and travel miles. Some of these cards feature low or no annual fees, and some offer statement credits that apply after certain requirements are met.


There are a number of benefits that come with the traditional Visa rewards card including a cardholder inquiry service for personal use and zero liability on purchases made with the card if not authorized by the cardholder.


The balance of a Visa reward or gift card can be checked on the website of whichever organization issued the card or by calling their respective customer service numbers. Certain merchants, such as Barnes & Noble and Kmart, also allow holders to check their balance at a point of sale.


Anyone with bad credit can apply for a Chase Visa card. However, applying for a credit card doesn't guarantee an approval by Chase. The minimum credit score most banks set as their benchmark for any type of credit card is 620, according to Bankrate.


The Target Red Card offers a 5-percent savings on all purchases made with the card, but does not specifically offer reward points. They also offer a pharmacy reward program.


The Vanilla Visa Gift Card is intended as a gift to family or friends, while the Vanilla Visa Rewards Card is meant to be a reward or incentive for employees and loyalty programs, states Vanilla Visa. Both cards can be used as a form of payment where Visa is accepted.


Cardholders can find out the balance on their Visa debit reward cards by visiting their card issuers' website or calling the phone number on the back of their cards, notes Visa. The list of Visa debit card issuers is available on the Visa website.


AT&T typically gives customers a Reward Card as a rebate for the purchase of products or the activation of select AT&T services. Customers may use the card for purchases anywhere Visa cards are accepted.


Visa cards work by taking the place of cash in a purchasing transaction with a retailer, according to Visa. The cardholder presents the card or the card number to the retailer, who then charges the price of the product purchased to the card acquirer, which is the retailer's bank. The acquirer pays t


Bank of America clients use their AAA Member Rewards Visa Signature Credit Cards to earn cash back on their day-to-day purchases and payments, according to Bank of America. Customers earn between 1 percent and 3 percent cash back depending on the nature of each purchase as of 2015.