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Customers can view current Chase interest rates for savings accounts by visiting the home page, clicking on the Savings Account link and clicking on the Interest Rates link, states Chase. Chase offers several savings options, including the Chase Savings, Chase Plus Savings and Certificates of Deposi


To close a Chase checking account, go to the Chase website and download the Account Closing Form, and then fill out the information and submit it to the bank. It is important to note that closing a checking account may require a fee, suggests Huffington Post.


Chase Bank has a dedicated login page for its checking account customers who have signed up for online access. Before attempting to log in to a Chase checking account, the user must obtain the required online credentials from Chase Bank.


An individual can open a checking account with JPMorgan Chase & Co. online at Chase.com. In the Products & Services section, he can choose the type of account he wishes to open, then review the monthly fees, minimum deposits, and various features and benefits of each type of Chase checking account.


To sign into a Chase online account, a user name and password are needed. User names and passwords are assigned when the bank account is opened. Online accounts are accessed at Chase.com


Financial regulations have made it possible for consumers to trust banks when they label a bank account as free, as reported by The Simple Dollar. However, while banks may not refer to a bank account as "free" if it has associated maintenance or user fees, banks are still legally able to charge fees


Get a coupon for a new Chase account by visiting the official Chase website, which offers various incentives for new customers, according to Chase. Alternatively, use a website specialized in general coupons and deals and search for Chase coupons.


Where it does retail banking, ING Direct does not charge monthly fees for an online personal savings account. However, ING Direct has no retail banking operations in the United States, as of September 2015.


Chase Bank charges a $12 monthly service fee as of 2015 to maintain its basic checking account known as Chase Total Checking, according to the Chase website. For premium checking accounts, such as Chase Premier Plus Checking and Chase Premier Platinum Checking, Chase Bank charges a $25 monthly servi


Chase's official website has a log-in page for credit card customers to enter their user IDs and passwords to access their accounts. Customers who have not set up an online account can do so from Chase's website by providing their credit card numbers and Social Security numbers for verification.