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Many websites, for example, Recyclerfinder.com, Recyclingcenters.org and Bottledropcenters.com can help you to find a local redemption center. You can also call the toll -free line 1-877-912-2019 to get guidance on where to find local recycling centers.


To redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards points, log onto the Chase Ultimate Rewards website using your username and password. Browse the online catalog and add the desired rewards to the shopping cart. Go to the checkout and follow instructions for shipping or to redeem the reward electronically, according


Points redemption occurs when a person redeems the points on his credit card or merchant card for merchandise, travel or other products. Many credit cards, hotels, airlines and stores have point cards.


Redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards when shopping, booking for travel, or getting cash back. Points are earned and converted to rewards with the Chase Ultimate Rewards program, according to Nerdwallet.


Use AT&T's Reward Center to activate the Reward Card, check the Reward Card balance, look at the reward process overview and read answers to frequently asked questions. All these options are available through tabs at the top of AT&T's Reward Center Web page.


Customers can redeem their Citi ThankYou rewards on the ThankYou website or via phone, according to the ThankYou website. These rewards are earned via participating Citi credit cards or an eligible Citibank consumer checking account.


Chase Freedom rewards points can be redeemed through a specific section of the Chase credit cards website. Cardholders access the redemption options by choosing "Redeem for Rewards" on the top navigation bar.


A redemption code is a special code found on a product that gives the buyer certain access to the product, such as when purchasing software or online academic products. A redemption code may also entitle the buyer to a special sale or offer.


The website for employee Chase rewards is JPMC.CorporatePerks.com. The Employee Discount Web Center requires that you log in with an email address and password, but it allows first-time users to register to the website.


The AT&T Rewards and Rebates Center offers mobile devices, such as tablets and cell phones. Other rewards include points to pay the users' cell phone bills, as of July 2015. Users can redeem points earned to purchase these rewards online at ATT.com.