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Users of the Air Miles Reward Program can access the Air Miles Reward catalogue from the home page of the official company website, which is AirMiles.ca. The catalogue is organized into several categories.


The website for employee Chase rewards is JPMC.CorporatePerks.com. The Employee Discount Web Center requires that you log in with an email address and password, but it allows first-time users to register to the website.


To redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards points, log onto the Chase Ultimate Rewards website using your username and password. Browse the online catalog and add the desired rewards to the shopping cart. Go to the checkout and follow instructions for shipping or to redeem the reward electronically, according


The RBC Rewards catalogue offers a wide range of consumer products that people will use mostly in the home or while on the go. The range of products in the RBC Rewards catalogue range from jewelry, knife sets and other small items to high-definition televisions and other electronics, according to th


Redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards when shopping, booking for travel, or getting cash back. Points are earned and converted to rewards with the Chase Ultimate Rewards program, according to Nerdwallet.


The Royal Bank of Canada offers RBC Rewards members electronics from Best Buy, fashion apparel from Burberry and Oakley, kitchen appliances from KitchenAid and Breville, and toys from LEGO. Best Buy offers over 50,000 individual products and includes free shipping for most of them.


Chase Freedom rewards points can be redeemed through a specific section of the Chase credit cards website. Cardholders access the redemption options by choosing "Redeem for Rewards" on the top navigation bar.


The Country House's inventory for online retail is on its website, thecountryhouse.com; however, The Country House Collection catalog is only available for retail stores, as of 2015. A catalog can be requested for business owners. It does not sell wholesale to private individuals.


The RBC Rewards credit card catalog includes jewelry, beauty tools, kitchen supplies, personal care items, electronic equipment and accessories, according to RBC Rewards. The catalog includes products for both adults and children, and includes some products that are targeted toward a specific gender


To book travel on United Airlines using your Chase Ultimate Rewards Points, phone a Chase travel advisor to administrate the transfer. As of 2015, the telephone number for Chase travel advisors is 1-866-951-6592, and the advisors for airline reward travel are available 24 hours a day.