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Points redemption occurs when a person redeems the points on his credit card or merchant card for merchandise, travel or other products. Many credit cards, hotels, airlines and stores have point cards.


Most gift cards have a redemption code listed on the back of the gift card. It is often hidden underneath a coating that is first scratched off with a key or metal coin. Other gift cards have the redemption code clearly printed on the back without having a coating. Some gift cards list the number on


Chase offers both business and personal credit cards, according to its website. Individual cards include the Chase Freedom, Chase Slate and Chase Sapphire cards, while business options include the Chase Ink or Chase Ink Plus cards. Each card offers different benefits. As of 2015, Chase also offers b


To obtain a Chase Freedom credit card, visit Creditcards.Chase.com, and apply. You can also visit your local branch office to fill out an application. By entering your ZIP code or an address on the Chase website, you can locate the nearest bank location.


A redemption code is a special code found on a product that gives the buyer certain access to the product, such as when purchasing software or online academic products. A redemption code may also entitle the buyer to a special sale or offer.


Consumers redeem most gift cards in January. Nearly 50 percent of consumers receive gift cards at Christmas and redeem 90 percent of gift cards within 60 days of receiving them. Roughly 75 percent of gift card recipients redeem them within the first month.


Online task-based rewards programs such as Swagbucks, Superpoints and Gift Hulk allow users to redeem points for electronic gift cards, digital downloads, coupons or for actual goods. Each program awards points for completing different actions and features a different set of redeemable items.


The Chase Freedom credit card offers benefits that include cash-back programs, cash bonuses, and a 0 percent interest rate on purchases and balance transfers for the first 15 months of the credit term, says Chase. After the introductory interest rate period, Chase charges interest rates between 13.9


Chase credit card customers who need to make payments, including Chase Freedom card payments, can do so online at Chase.com. If the payment is made before 8 p.m. eastern time, the payment is credited and posted on the same day, except on Saturday.


Chase's official website has a log-in page for credit card customers to enter their user IDs and passwords to access their accounts. Customers who have not set up an online account can do so from Chase's website by providing their credit card numbers and Social Security numbers for verification.