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As of March 2015, the current CD rates vary from 0.02 percent up to 1.05 percent depending on length of time and amount of investment. A longer time period and a larger amount earns higher returns.


As of 2015, the annual percentage yield, or APY, of Chase certificates of deposit varies from 0.02 percent to 1.05 percent depending on the CD term and the monetary amount of CD, states JPMorgan Chase. The annual percentage yield also varies with geographic location and by market.


Some tips for establishing a CD with any financial institution include thinking about financial goals and risk tolerance, reading the small print to understand all features, asking questions for clarification when necessary, understanding the interest rate and how it is paid, and confirming the matu


The phrase "CD rate" refers to the interest percent yield on a certificate of deposit investment. A 2 percent CD rate, for instance, means the investor earns 6 percent interest on the CD amount. CDs are a safe investment and pay higher rates than savings accounts, according to About.com.


Financial websites such as Learn Bonds and Deposit Accounts provide CD rate forecasts and summaries for investors, according to each website. Deposit Accounts provides readers with the current rates on 1-year CDs and under 1-year CDs, and the banks offering the certificates of deposit.


10-year CD rates are listed at Ratebrain.com. The websites shows up-to-date rates for the top CDs in the nation, but they also hold the disclaimer that they are not affiliated with any institution and merely offer information, not financial advice.


JP Morgan Chase posts current certificate of deposit interest rates on its website, Chase.com. The site updates interest rates daily. Though interest rates may vary from day to day, once purchased, the CD locks into a fixed rate until maturity.


Customers can view current Chase interest rates for savings accounts by visiting the home page, clicking on the Savings Account link and clicking on the Interest Rates link, states Chase. Chase offers several savings options, including the Chase Savings, Chase Plus Savings and Certificates of Deposi


The official Chase Bank website, www.chase.com, offers information on car loan rates. The website provides charts for both the regular rate structure and the discounted rate structure for existing Chase checking customers.


The Bankrate and NerdWallet websites both publish up-to-date listings of bank certificate of deposit interest rates, as of 2015. Both sites allow users to search for optimum interest rates based on the minimum deposit required and the term of the deposit.