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In general, internet banks offer higher interest rates on savings accounts than brick and mortar banks due to their lower operating expenses, as stated by Forbes. Consumers should also consider credit unions and prepaid debit cards when seeking the highest interest rates for their money.


An individual can open a checking account with JPMorgan Chase & Co. online at Chase.com. In the Products & Services section, he can choose the type of account he wishes to open, then review the monthly fees, minimum deposits, and various features and benefits of each type of Chase checking account.


As of 2015, the annual percentage yield, or APY, of Chase certificates of deposit varies from 0.02 percent to 1.05 percent depending on the CD term and the monetary amount of CD, states JPMorgan Chase. The annual percentage yield also varies with geographic location and by market.


To sign into a Chase online account, a user name and password are needed. User names and passwords are assigned when the bank account is opened. Online accounts are accessed at Chase.com


Online banks, traditional banks, credit unions and prepaid debit cards offer the highest rates on savings accounts, claims Forbes. Savings accounts usually offer lower returns than riskier alternatives, such as stocks or bonds, reports the Houston Chronicle.


As of March 2015, the current CD rates vary from 0.02 percent up to 1.05 percent depending on length of time and amount of investment. A longer time period and a larger amount earns higher returns.


Get a coupon for a new Chase account by visiting the official Chase website, which offers various incentives for new customers, according to Chase. Alternatively, use a website specialized in general coupons and deals and search for Chase coupons.


Money market funds typically offer the highest interest rates and are available at some banks, according to Bankrate. While money market funds are low-risk, they do not offer the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation coverage available with other bank accounts and it is possible to lose part or all


One can view the current Chase IRA interest rates at any of the bank's branches or on its website. In planning Roth investment strategy, the main factors to consider are time, taxes and withdrawals, as stated by Forbes.


Chase Bank charges a $12 monthly service fee as of 2015 to maintain its basic checking account known as Chase Total Checking, according to the Chase website. For premium checking accounts, such as Chase Premier Plus Checking and Chase Premier Platinum Checking, Chase Bank charges a $25 monthly servi