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Some examples of redemptive social movements include the spread of Christianity and "Alcoholics Anonymous." The term refers to any social movement that aims for radical personal transformation.


Many websites, for example, Recyclerfinder.com, Recyclingcenters.org and Bottledropcenters.com can help you to find a local redemption center. You can also call the toll -free line 1-877-912-2019 to get guidance on where to find local recycling centers.


Online task-based rewards programs such as Swagbucks, Superpoints and Gift Hulk allow users to redeem points for electronic gift cards, digital downloads, coupons or for actual goods. Each program awards points for completing different actions and features a different set of redeemable items.


In the Bible, redemption references freeing someone from bondage. Under Christian doctrine, Christ paid the ultimate price for the sins of mankind and bought mankind's redemption on the cross with his crucifixion.


Chase credit card customers who need to make payments, including Chase Freedom card payments, can do so online at Chase.com. If the payment is made before 8 p.m. eastern time, the payment is credited and posted on the same day, except on Saturday.


As of March 2015, Chase Bank offers consumers several credit card options that provide rewards, including cash back, points for free rooms, and travel miles. Some of these cards feature low or no annual fees, and some offer statement credits that apply after certain requirements are met.


To book travel on United Airlines using your Chase Ultimate Rewards Points, phone a Chase travel advisor to administrate the transfer. As of 2015, the telephone number for Chase travel advisors is 1-866-951-6592, and the advisors for airline reward travel are available 24 hours a day.


Consumers redeem most gift cards in January. Nearly 50 percent of consumers receive gift cards at Christmas and redeem 90 percent of gift cards within 60 days of receiving them. Roughly 75 percent of gift card recipients redeem them within the first month.


There are two ways to increase the chances of a duel in the Red Dead Redemption video game, one of which involves gaining enough fame and spending time in the various towns while the other is wearing the elegant suit while being caught cheating in a poker game. A number of duels are also included in


Free redemption codes for PayPal are codes of letters and numbers that uniquely identify a Merchant Gift Certificate. PayPal users can apply an available redemption code towards a purchase for the full amount of the gift certificate associated with the code.