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Yes, the Charcoal and Evap. canister are the same part. Below is the information for the P1582 code, it is quite technical but what it is saying is this. "The engine idle speed is controlled by the throttle body, and the throttle body can adapt to things that try to make the idle speed too high or too low.


New Emissions Charcoal Vapor Canister Air Filter For 2005-2006 Kia Sorento See more like this. 2001-2002 Toyota 4Runner Charcoal Fuel Gas Emission Vapor Canister 01 02 OEM ... 84-88 TOYOTA PICKUP 4RUNNER 22R FUEL VAPOR CHARCOAL CANISTER 77740-35160 OEM See more like this. 2008 FORD TAURUS FUEL VAPOR CANISTER CHARCOAL EVAPORATOR CAN. 90 DAY ...


A charcoal canister captures potentially harmful emissions from a car’s engine and prevents them from being released into the atmosphere. A charcoal canister, also known as a vapor canister, is the part of a car’s evaporation control system that is designed to prevent the release of volatile organic compounds that escape from a car’s fuel system and engine.


The way to check charcoal fuel evaporation canister is to try to blow air through it with compressed air and if no air comes out the other fitting, then it bad and needs to replaced.


A charcoal canister is part of the evaporative emission control (EVAP) system in many modern automobiles, which is designed to keep gasoline from evaporating into the atmosphere. Rather than venting a gas tank to the atmosphere, an EVAP system can allow fumes to flow into a canister that contains activated carbon and is therefore capable of adsorbing the fuel vapor.


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As the engine pulls air through the charcoal canister, fuel vapors are flushed out, to be burned in the engine. As a result, harmful HC emissions are significantly reduced, replaced by harmless carbon dioxide and water (CO 2 and H 2 O) vapor in the exhaust.


How Charcoal Canister Works. When fuel is evaporated, it becomes vapor. Then the charcoal canister stores the vapor so the engine can use it later for its mixture of fuel and air. The emission control canister may form a lot of particulates which could cause big problems with the solenoids and valves. The charcoal canister may even crack from ...


Slow filling gas tank problem Chevy Silverado Fuel Tank overflows when you fill up, takes 40 minutes to fill really slow. Chevy Fuel Evap Canister Fill Fix Filling Slow.


The vapor or EVAP canister is an integral component in the fuel system of modern automobiles, so a replacement vapor canister isn't that hard to find. In fact, with so many brands offering OE vapor canisters it can be hard to wade through all of the technical terms and find out whether a particular canister will actually do the job right.