Nonmetals are naturally occurring elements that do not possess the typical physical and chemical characteristics of metals, such as flexibility, the ability to conduct electricity and hardness. There are many more metals... More »

Magnesium is classified as an alkaline earth metal. Metals are defined as elements that can be hammered into sheets (malleable), made into a wire (ductile) and are good conductors of electricity and heat. More »

Silicon is a metalloid, a semimetallic element that is neither a metal nor a nonmetal but has some of the properties or characteristics of the two. A semi-metal in the periodic table, silicon is one of the elements that ... More »

In general, metals, unlike nonmetals, are good conductors of heat and electricity, malleable, ductile, and almost always solid at room temperature. Metals very often have only between one and three electrons in their out... More »

Sodium is listed with the metals on the periodic table of elements. It is silvery white and soft in its pure form. More »

Alloyed steels, steel combined with other elements to increase their hardness and strength, are the hardest known metals. Maraging steel, a heat-treated steel, is one of the strongest steel alloys. More »

Aluminum, like all other metals, conducts electricity, but it is not the best conductor of electricity. Pure gold, pure copper and pure silver all conduct electricity better than aluminum though aluminum is a more effici... More » Science Chemistry