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Domesticated cattle, along with other true cattle and oxen, are members of the Bos genus within the subfamily Bovinae in the family Bovidae. The two individual species of domestic cattle (Bos taurus and Bos indicus) share some characteristics with other Bovidae species; between the two, some characteristics are identical and others are unique.


Dairy breeds of cattle have been selectively bred for over 6,000 years to produce milk-favoring traits. As a result, today’s dairy females produce more milk than one calf can consume: at least six gallons per day while calves drink no more than two gallons of milk at the most—which is right before they switch to a grain diet.


Dairy cattle are those breeds that produce larger volumes of milk for a longer period of time than other cows. In the United States today, there are 6 main breeds of Dairy cattle. The most common dairy breeds are Holstein, Jersey, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Ayrshire, and Milking Shorthorn.


What are the key characteristics of a resilient dairy cow? Published 15 April 16. Important characteristics in a grazing dairy cow are: Fertile and healthy – grass growth and quality is seasonal and, thus, a profitable grazing dairy farm system must be based on compact calving immediately prior to the initiation of the grass growing season.


Characteristics of the guernsey dairy cattle breed. Medium sized breed with cows weighing 450-500kg and bulls 600-700kg. It has fawn and white or red and white coat color with some being pure fawn or red. Has low calving difficulty and good longevity.


Cattle Types and Breeds Characteristics and Uses Stephen P. Hammack* *Professor and Extension Beef Cattle Specialist; The Texas A&M University System. ... Dairy: originating in western Europe and selected in the United States for dairy purposes only, with beef pro-duction as a byproduct.


Dairy Cows To Judge dairy cattle, one must have knowledge of dairy cow anatomy (body parts), desirable dairy type, factors of good general appearance. mammary system, dairy cow character and body capacity. You must be able to observe, evaluate and make a decision that is accurate and logical. Dairy Cattle Type


Meet the Dairy Cow Breeds of the U.S. Dairy cattle are cows bred for their ability to produce milk from which dairy foods are made. In the U.S., there are seven different dairy cow breeds, including Holstein, Jersey, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Ayrshire, Milking Shorthorn and Red and White Holstein.


Holstein Friesians (often shortened to Holsteins in North America, while the term Friesians is often used in the UK) are a breed of dairy cattle originating from the Dutch provinces of North Holland and Friesland, and Schleswig-Holstein in Northern Germany and Jutland.They are known as the world's highest-production dairy animals. The Dutch and German breeders bred and oversaw the development ...


Holstein Association USA is the world's largest dairy cattle breed organization, offering information services to all dairy producers. The Holstein Association offers dairy cattle identification, genetic evaluation, type evaluation, mating programs and inbreeding management programs to improve dairy herd management.