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Table 1 lists characteristics of the major breeds of cattle in Texas — those most numerous or most familiar in the state — by estimates of purebred breed-wide averages. Appendix A lists other breeds with registry associations. Using genetic classification and levels of functional traits, breeds can be grouped into these functional types:


Zebu cattle (Bos indicus) are called humped cattle; each specimen has a hump over its shoulders. The head is small relative to body size; it has a long, straight snout. Cattle have strong necks and prominent dewlaps. Other physical characteristics vary between breed, such as the position of the ears or length of their legs.


Beef cattle were introduced to Australia in 1788, with the first herds based on British breeds, particularly the Shorthorn. This breed was associated with the opening up of each new area of pastoral Australia in the early days, and was especially dominant in north-western Queensland, the Northern Territory and the Kimberley region of Western Australia.


Cattle breeds fall into two main types, which are regarded as either two closely related species, or two subspecies of one species. Bos indicus (or Bos taurus indicus) cattle, commonly called zebu, are adapted to hot climates and originated in the tropical parts of the world such as sub-Saharan Africa, India, China, and Southeast Asia.


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Characteristics of Hereford cattle: The Hereford cattle breed can withstand the toughest of climates. Today, the cattle breed can be found as far afield as the arctic snows in Finland, in the heat of Southern Africa and in sub-tropical South America. Over 5 million pedigree Hereford cattle breed is thriving in over 50 countries.


The following list of cattle breeds is a big list of breeds of cattle. More than 800 breeds of cattle are recognized worldwide. Some of which adapted to the local climate, others that were raised by man for specialized uses.


Over 70 breeds of cattle can be found in the United States today. However, only about 12 to 15 breeds have a major influence on the cattle industry. Last week, we reviewed the most common breeds ...


In the United States today, there are 6 main breeds of Dairy cattle. The most common dairy breeds are Holstein, Jersey, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Ayrshire, and Milking Shorthorn. A farmer- depending on his unique situation or geographic location- may choose cattle breeds with different characteristics for his herd.


Dairy breeds of cattle have been selectively bred for over 6,000 years to produce milk-favoring traits. As a result, today’s dairy females produce more milk than one calf can consume: at least six gallons per day while calves drink no more than two gallons of milk at the most—which is right before they switch to a grain diet.