The main characteristics of American transcendentalism are the belief in the good found in both man and nature, but that they can be come corrupted by society. This was both a religious movement and a philosophical one. ... More »

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Transcendentalists believed in Christian Unitarianism, in the efficacy of human nature, the unknowable nature of religious truth and the corrupting influence of society. Transcendentalists were influenced by a variety of... More »

Anti-transcendentalism was a literary subgenre that focused on human fallibility and proneness to sin. This subgenre is better known as dark romanticism, according to Education Portal. More »

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Yin and yang are the two opposing forces that drive the universe, according to Taoist belief. These forces are opposite but equal. Yin and yang are not considered to be inherently good or evil, but simply as complementar... More » World View Philosophy