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Article Shared by. This article throws light upon the eleven major characteristics of adolescence. The characteristics are: 1.A period of Rapid Physical/Biological Changes, has Psychological Repercussions Too 2.


The period of adolescence, which lasts approximately 11 to 21 years, is characterized by several social and emotional changes. These include labile emotions, exploring and asserting of personal identity, peer relationships, independence, self-centered attitudes, and testing rules and boundaries.

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Adolescent Learner - Characteristics MS Phase 1/Core Team Training Page 1 of 2 Summer 2007 Characteristics of the Adolescent Learner Five key areas Intellectual Social Physical Emotional and Psychological Moral Characteristics of young adolescent intellectual development include: Moving from concrete to abstract thinking.


Development Characteristics of young adolescence Adolescence is a critical time of identity formation, with theoutset of puberty comes an explosion of growth-physical, intellectual, emotional, social ,and spiritual.Understanding the nature and scope of adolescent developmentand responding appropriately requires patience, empathy, and asense of ...


Adolescence can be broken into three stages: early adolescence, middle adolescence, and late adolescence. Each stage has its own characteristics. Let's take a look at each stage in more detail below.


Adolescence -- the period lasting from approximately age 11 to 21 -- covers many social and emotional changes. This transition between childhood and adulthood leads to rapidly changing behaviors, identity disturbances and strong emotions.

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1.02 Meaning and Definition of Adolescence. 1.03 Importance of Adolescence Period. 1.04 Characteristics of Adolescence. 1.05 Theories about the Nature of Adolescence. 1.06 Causes for the Problems of Adolescents. 1.07 Effects of Adolescent Problems. 1.08 Meaning and Definition of Counselling.


During this remarkable stage of the life cycle, young adolescents, 10- to 15-year-olds, experience rapid and significant developmental change. Understanding and responding to the unique developmental characteristics of young adolescents is central among the tenets of middle level education.


puberty is generally accepted as the beginning of adolescence. What is puberty ? Let us find out. The period around 11 or 12 years of age is the onset of puberty which usually lasts for 2 years. During these years there is a spurt in physical growth and appearance of sex characteristics. The first


Organization of Developing Adolescents 5 Adolescent Physical Development 7 Puberty and Sexual Development 7 Early or Late Sexual Development 8 ... describe the characteristics of adolescents and aspects of the contexts in which they live that make a difference in promoting healthy adolescent development.