White tigers are a sub-species of Bengal tiger, with pigmentation that makes their fur white instead of orange. Male Bengal tigers range from 400 to 550 pounds in weight, but white tigers are often bigger and heavier. Th... More »

Great white sharks grow up to 21 feet long, have a lifespan of approximately 70 years and live in all the world's oceans. In contrast, tiger sharks grow to about 16 feet, have a lifespan of approximately 50 years and are... More »

The National Geographic, Defenders of Wildlife and San Diego Zoo's websites all have information and facts about the six types of tigers. Basic information includes current and past habitats, population trends, conservat... More »

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White tigers are a pigment variation of the Bengal tiger and can live in a wide variety of habitats across India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan including tropical forests, mangroves and grasslands. Due to its lack of pigm... More »

White tigers are a color variant of the Bengal tiger, one of six surviving subspecies of tiger. White coloring is the result of a mutation in a single gene, which prevents expression of the normal orange color. The same ... More »

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A blue-eyed tiger is a white tiger, a subspecies of tiger that has white fur with black or dark brown stripes. Also, all baby tigers are born with blue eyes. More »

The Bengal tiger is one of the dominant predators in its ecosystem and is prey to very few animals; its main threat is the human being, as tigers often are victims of poaching or illegal hunting. They are also killed dur... More »