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The strongest tax systems create fairness, assure adequacy, simplicity, transparency and promote administrative ease according to the Oklahoma Policy Institute. Ultimately, strong and healthy tax systems create healthy and vibrant economies, and may even promote peace a...


The defining characteristic of operating systems is the connection it provides between the hardware, the software and, in some cases, the user interface. Computers require an operating system in order to be used.


The three economic systems are the traditional, command and market economic systems. Different countries use different economic systems.


Basic functions of an economic system are to produce and consume goods and services. The way in which people within the economy do this varies based on the type of economic system.


Traditional economic systems are economies based on dissemination of resources, products and goods based on rituals, routines and customs. Some nations have traditional economies, while traditional economies exist regionally or locally in other places. Regardless of whe...


The United States has a market-oriented, or mixed, economy, which means that businesses and private individuals make most of their own decisions. The state and federal government buy needed services and goods in the private marketplace.


A marketing information system is a system that gathers and evaluates marketing information from internal and external stakeholders. The information is used for making business decisions about products and services.