Urine odor and color does change during pregnancy. The color of urine varies depending on the mother's level of hydration and whether she ingests vitamins, supplements or beverages such as coffee. Some women report that ... More »

Dehydration can darken urine, and urinary tract infections, which are more common in pregnant woman, can turn urine bloody or cloudy, writes Mayo Clinic. Vitamin consumption can also change urine color, states Today I Fo... More »

A urinary tract infection is not a symptom of pregnancy; however, pregnant women have an increased risk for infection, says MedicineNet. An infection without treatment can cause pregnancy issues; therefore, urine should ... More »

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Urine odor is related to the level of concentration of waste products contained in the urine. Highly concentrated urine may have strong odors, especially of ammonia, according to Mayo Clinic. More »

Abdominal pain, high blood pressure, excessive vomiting, rapid weight gain and protein in the urine are some of the signs of preeclampsia, formerly known as toxemia, during pregnancy, notes WebMD. Because preeclampsia ca... More »

Teenagers can find out if they are pregnant by taking a home pregnancy test available at drugstores and supermarkets or consulting with a physician who performs a urine or blood test, ultrasound or examination of the pel... More »

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Stress incontinence, which involves the loss of urine, is a symptom of pregnancy, according to WebMD. As of 2015, there is no credible medical evidence that bowel incontinence is also symptom of pregnancy, but experts be... More »

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