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Whether you're shopping in store, online or from Walgreens App — use your Balance Rewards membership to get points, redeem rewards and save instantly on featured items. Plus, unlock additional savings with paperless coupons, special promotions and members only offers.


If you're not yet familiar with the Walgreens rewards program, known as "Balance Rewards," now is a good time to find out how the program works and to understand just how couponers can maximize their savings when becoming members.


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Walgreens Balance Rewards Changes are happening starting May 5th, 2019. Here is what you need to know. We love it when stores listen to the consumer! Apparently Walgreens listened after so many of you were unhappy with the balance reward redemptions they changed last year.


Walgreens is engaging in such HORRIBLE customer relations—It’s similar to airlines devaluing the value of its miles, but at least the airlines give you about 10 months notice of changes. Walgreens is barely giving us four WEEKS! I’ll check out CVS as another commenter stated that CVS’s rewards program may be better.


Attention, Walgreens shoppers! As you may recall, in November 2018, Walgreens changed their Balance Rewards Program so members could no longer redeem more than 5,000 points (a $5 reward) in one transaction. 😕 This was very frustrating for many Walgreens customers as shoppers had saved up points to use on larger purchases.


What you are talking about is Register Rewards which they rarely use anymore and as far as I know you only had to buy something for the reward amount or greater. For the Balance Reward program which this is a discussion about, points were good for 3 years after receiving them unless you became inactive for 6 months.


While checking out at Walgreens today, I received a notice that there are changes coming in May to the Balance Rewards program, based on customer feedback. The changes mostly involve the pharmacy ...


Last Fall, Walgreens launched a new customer loyalty program called the Balance Rewards Program. Essentially, this is a program where you earn "Balance Rewards Points" for buying certain products. You can redeem these Points at a later date for in-store dollar credit.


Consumer World Investigation Like many drugstore chains, Walgreens has a loyalty program and they call it Balance Rewards. You earn points on most everything you buy, and points collected can be used like cash toward future purchases.