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Free continuing education unit providers include Nurse.com and NurseCEU.com. The former offers classes entitled Hydration Myth and Realities, Prevention of Infection, Hand Hygiene and Skin Antisepsis and Enhancing Communications with Families. The latter offers, among other courses, Diagnosing Migra


The Stratford Career Institute and Virginia College offer good online cosmetology courses, according to OnlineDegrees.org. Other options include courses from Milady Online, Milwaukee Area Technical College and Stonebridge Associated Colleges.


To take free continuing education nursing courses, use course finder searches, such as NurseCEU.com, or sites that provide lists of free courses, such as Nurse.com. Alternatively, those looking to continue their education for re-certification can visit Abbott Nutrition Health Institute's website at


As of September 16th, 2014, online cosmetology degrees are not available. All 50 states require the majority, or in some cases all, of cosmetology training hours to be held in the classroom due to the need for hands-on experience.


Respiratory therapists can take CEU courses online through Continuing Education's website as of 2015. The courses come in bundles and count for two contact hours; there is also a small fee associated with them. The Philips Online Learning Center also offers CEU courses ranging from one to 1.5 contac


Continuing education credits, or CEUs, are necessary for nurses because they assure that the nurse is informed about changes in the field and updates to acceptable practices. Many states require a minimum number of continuing education unit credits for nurses to retain their licenses.


Taking cosmetology instructor courses requires choosing a beauty school or beauty instructor program and enrolling for online or in-person class instruction. Cosmetology schools that offer cosmetology instructor training and certification include Paul Mitchell Schools and Empire Beauty Schools. Mila


Though cosmetology programs vary by state, most full-time programs take a year or less to complete. However, many cosmetology schools also offer part-time classes that take around 18 months to complete.


Some good schools for studying cosmetology are Maryland Community College in North Carolina, Saint Paul College in Minnesota, College of DuPage in Illinois and Oakland Community College in Michigan, according to Study.com. Cosmetology schools teach students how to care for and treat skin, nails and


To fill out an online cosmetology application, you must first navigate to a specific cosmetology school website. Some of the top cosmetology schools include the Regency Beauty Institute, the Aveda Institute, and the Ogle School of Cosmetology & Esthetics, as of 2015. Most cosmetology school websites