A certificate of appreciation is a medium to deliver a message of gratitude and to recognize a person or organization for a contribution to a cause. As an expression of appreciation, its use is in informal, simple or for... More »

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When wording service recognition awards, individuals should include the name of the award recipient, the company presenting the award, the name of the award and the reason for the recognition. The wording should be embel... More »

To view a free sample Certificate of Appreciation, go to FreePrintableCertificates.net. Click the Appreciation link on the side menu located on the left portion of the Web page. More »

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Sample letters of appreciation and gratitude for both personal and professional instances can be found online from several reputable sources including About.com. Regardless of the circumstances, the letter should include... More »

A certificate of appreciation is a type of award that recognizes the actions or achievements of a person or group of people, typically in relation to a specific job or organization. The awards may cover areas such as a p... More »

Write a certificate of appreciation by using precise, concise and grateful language, in either casual or business-formal phrases. It is easy to modify existing certificate of appreciation templates in Word processors suc... More »

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To write an employee thank-you letter, begin by greeting the individual formally or casually, succinctly explain the reason for the appreciation, specify the jobs that have been done effectively, and include any apprecia... More »

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