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To locate Century 21 homes for rent, visit the company website and select "Rentals" at the bottom of the page under the "Real Estate Search" section. Rentals can be sorted by location on the search page and many different details can be added for a more specific search ...


As of April 2015, the Century 21 website has a property search page. To find a home for rent, input your desired location and click on Expand Options. Under Listing Options, highlight For Rent and hit the Search button.


While it is not possible to complete the entire rental process through the Century 21 website, it is possible to search the website for rental listings represented by Century 21 agents. Once the desired listings have been identified, users can fill out a form to request...


Rent-to-own homes offer the renter an option to purchase the home toward the end of the lease period at a fixed price, states Les Christie for CNN Money. For this, the renter makes a down payment and pays a higher rent that is deducted from the final price.


With a rent-to-own home, a renter pays a specific amount of money every month while living in the home, and at the end of a specified period, he can buy the home if he desires. A portion of every monthly payment goes toward the down payment on the house.


Rent-to-own is a transaction between a landlord and a tenant in which a tenant initially rents a home but has the option to buy it in the future, reports Bankrate. During the two to five years of a typical rent-to-own contract, part of the rent a tenant pays goes toward...


It is possible to find new homes for rent on property listing sites such as Zillow and Homes.com. Check out previews of rentals on both sites, or get a virtual tour of rental properties on Homes.com. These websites also provide filters to help you refine the search.