Centralized filing is a form of file management that aggregates the storage of all files of an organization in one location. This type of central archive can be placed under the control of specialized personnel for added... More »

Some disadvantages to centralization of filing in business include extra staffing requirements and too distant of records for usefulness. A centralized filing system allows businesses to store all files in one location, ... More »

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A geographic filing system arranges files alphabetically or numerically based on geographic location. This method of filing correspondence is popular in the sales field and has been used by the U.S. Navy. More »

An alphanumeric filing system includes numbers and letters of the alphabet to represent a concept within the organization. One of the most common examples is the Library of Congress classification system. More »

Centralized federalism revolves around the idea that the federal government should be the one setting national policy, and the state and local governments must be the ones to carry out these policies. Great Britain and F... More »

The Better Business Bureau in Dallas, Texas provides consumers with information about the products and services that local businesses offer in the form of customer satisfaction ratings, business reviews and accreditation... More »

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A petty cash voucher is a form used to track disbursements from an organization's petty cash fund for cash purchases of miscellaneous items. The voucher enables the organization's bookkeeper to properly account for petty... More »