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Centralized definition, to draw to or gather about a center. See more.


Define centralized. centralized synonyms, centralized pronunciation, centralized translation, English dictionary definition of centralized. v. cen·tral·ized , cen·tral·iz·ing , cen·tral·iz·es v. tr. 1. To draw into or toward a center; consolidate. 2. To bring under a single, central authority:...


Recent Examples on the Web. Some of those food makers were unhappy that Whole Foods centralized purchasing and raised supplier fees, Mr. Green said. — Heather Haddon, WSJ, "Natural Grocers Shrug Off Amazon-Whole Foods Threat," 26 Aug. 2018 But there is the danger that the costs will be so high that the university may have to centralize services, narrow its mission and become more like a ...


Definition of centralized in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is centralized? Meaning of centralized as a legal term.


What does centralized mean? Definitions for centralized cen·tral·ized Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word centralized. Princeton's WordNet (0.00 / 0 votes) Rate this definition: centralized, centralised (adj) drawn toward a center or brought under the control of a central authority


Define centralized control. centralized control synonyms, centralized control pronunciation, centralized control translation, English dictionary definition of centralized control. 1. In air defense, the control mode whereby a higher echelon makes direct target assignments to fire units. 2. In joint air operations, placing within one...


The evidence was central to the defense's case. The country's schools are financed by both local and central governments. The central authority of the company's board is being challenged. Noun. Our family room becomes kid central on weekends. a health club that has become dating central for singles in the area


Centrally is attested perhaps as early as early 15c., which might imply a usage of central earlier than the attested date. Slightly older is centric (1580s). As a U.S. colloquial noun for "central telephone exchange," first recorded 1889 (hence, "Hello, Central?"). Central processing unit attested from 1961. Central America is attested from 1826.


Centralisation in politics History of the centralisation of authority. Centralisation of authority is defined as the systematic and consistent concentration of authority at a central point or in a person within the organization. This idea was first introduced in the Qin Dynasty of China. The Qin government was highly bureaucratic and was administered by a hierarchy of officials, all serving ...


Definition: A centralized government hands over supreme political authority to a central body or small group of individuals, which is responsible for ensuring the proper function of the economy and all other governing bodies. What Does Centralized Government Mean? What is the definition of centralized government? This style of government can take many forms.