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To estimate the cost of installing central air conditioning, determine the BTUs needed for the area first. Consult the Energy Star website to find BTUs needed for different square footage measurements. Costs vary based on this information, as well as any needed duct work.


Many people use a contractor to install home central air systems, but it is possible to do much of the work yourself. Attempting to install central air systems is only recommended for construction-savvy individuals. Regardless of expertise, make sure to follow local building codes, instructs eHow.co


The cost to install an air conditioning unit varies widely depending on the weight of the unit and several other variables. You can expect to spend anywhere from $3,000 to $12,000.


Cost of living calculators ask for information about a person's income and present location, and then calculates the necessary income needed to maintain the same standard of living in another location, according to Bankrate.com and CNN Money. These calculators compare the costs of housing and associ


Calculate actual food cost by determining consumption over a given period of time, and then divide by total food sales over the same period. To do this, the value of the establishment's inventory must be assessed at the beginning and end of the period.


To use a food cost calculator such as the one found on Free Online Calculator Use's website, first enter the menu item and its price. Enter each ingredient in the dish in column one, and input the lowest possible price to buy in bulk in column two. Column three is reserved for the number of units in


The cost of goods purchased is calculated by subtracting the cost of goods sold from the cost of sales. Figuring out the cost of goods purchased is valuable for many businesses because it reflects whether or not a business has spent too much money on inventory. In addition, the cost of goods purchas


To calculate the cost of a home addition, there are many factors to consider, including the square footage of the additional room, home location, architectural services, construction materials and fixtures, project labor project supplies and cleanup services. Typically, a family room addition can co


The siding calculator from SidingMagazine.com is a comprehensive tool that figures out the cost of siding based on the type of home of the user and the part of the country in which he lives. The calculator at Remodel Cost Calculator has users enter a number of variables to figure out the cost of sid


Calculate the price of a fence per foot by adding together the prices for the fencing material, labor and permits. Websites like HomeDepot.com and HomeWyse.com offer cost calculators to help determine how much installing a fence will cost based on various criteria.