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The cost of installing a central heating system depends on different factors, such as the size of the house, the complexity of the installation and the type of system installed. An average cost for either a heat pump or a gas furnace system in 2014 may be around $10,000 to $20,000, depending on the


Electric central heating systems work by using resistance coils to produce heat. A blower forces air across the coils and distributes the warm air throughout the home through a system of air ducts. The system pulls cool air for heating through the return air ducts.


According to RedBeacon, the most common central heating problems include gas supply problems, blocked or leaky ducts, weak pilot lights and malfunctioning thermostats. Gas supply problems are the responsibility of the utility company, but the financial responsibility of other problems rests on the o


Continuously running the fan on a central heating and air system presents both pros and cons. Whether the fan is set to On, Auto, or Off depends on both financial and personal comfort goals. Leaving the fan on is costly but provides better air circulation.


To fix the problem of trapped air in a central heating system, bleed the radiators and the circulating pump and then top up the water in the heating system. Repeat the bleeding process after a day or two to release any air left in the system.


Some common problems with central air conditioners include faulty wiring, low Freon levels, failure of the outside fan or unit to work, and the coil freezing. Most of these problems can be avoided through preventative maintenance.


When air is heated it either increases in volume, increases in pressure or both, depending on the conditions. Air is composed of several different gases, most notably nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide, but the particular gas involved does not matter. All gases behave identically with an identical


Several different issues cause a central heating system to stop working. For instance, when the power is out, most systems no longer provide heat. Even though a forced air system uses natural gas as fuel, it may require electricity to operate the blower. If too many lights and electronics are on in


An electric forced-air heat system works by using electric elements to generate heat. Air is moved past these elements to warm it, and ductwork then distributes the heated air throughout the house. The forced-air system of distributing heat differs from gravity systems, which rely on natural air cur


Every system that controls temperature has three main components: a source of hot or cold air, a way to distribute the air, and a device used to control climate settings. The control device is often a thermostat.