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As of 2015, a hot air furnace can be purchased from online retail stores, such as Home Depot and Lowes, as well as manufacturer websites, such as Rheem and Lennox. Manufacturer websites also typically provide a dealer or store locator for interested customers who want to shop for furnaces locally.


Homeowners looking for a forced-air furnace can turn to Lowe's, Home Depot or Amazon to find the right heating unit for their needs. Lowe's and Home Depot offer in-store support for shoppers as well as online sales, and Amazon provides useful specifications for each unit sold online.


It is possible to install a forced-air furnace without the aid of a professional, according to home maintenance website DoItYourself. However, there are many steps in installing a furnace that can pose safety risks during the installation or in the future, making it a complex task.


The first known person to invent a forced hot air furnace was William Strutt, who invented a cast iron and brick hot air furnace in England in 1805; however, the first person who came up with the idea of circulating warm air to heat a building is unknown. Hot air heating systems were in use in Europ


Comfort-Aire manufactures four gas furnaces for residential use and one oil furnace series for commercial use, as of March 2015. Gas furnaces range from 80 percent efficiency to 95 percent efficiency, while the oil furnace series contains capacities from 225,000 to 450,000 British thermal units per


To choose the right size of forced-air furnace requires that you do a load calculation for your home. A load calculation takes into account a number of variables that affect the air flow in a home, from the size of the home to the number of windows and its location.


A furnace blowing cold air is due to a failure of the heating element, according to Hannabery HVAC. In a gas furnace, this may be due to a problem with the pilot light or gas supply, while an electrical furnace could blow cold air if the heating element fails or trips its breaker.


A heating furnace may blow coldair due to the wrong thermostat setting, a dirty filter, dirty sensor or simply clearing out the initial cold air in the vent. It's not unusual for a furnace to initially blow cold air before heating up.


A number of companies, including Filtrete, Honeywell, TrueBlue and Rheem, manufacturer furnace air filters. These filters comes in different sizes, so check that a new filter is compatible with the furnace before making a purchase.


AirEase furnace parts can be purchased from websites such as Keith Specialty, Superior Appliance Parts and Buy Furnace Parts. AirEase is the commercial name for Johnson Corporation and is manufactured by the Armstrong Air Conditioning Company. Parts manufactured by Armstrong can be used as replaceme