The little lines on a metric ruler mark the millimeters between centimeters, while the little lines on an English ruler mark the eighths and 16ths between inches. Some English rulers may only have lines at every 1/2 inch... More »

A ruler measurement chart is read exactly the way a regular ruler is read. When reading a ruler measurement chart, the user must identify if it is a fractional/English ruler or a decimal/metric ruler. Rulers in the Unite... More »

Students are able to view solutions to math problems for free at This site gives students the ability to solve basic math, pre-algebra, algebra and geometry math problems. It provides only the answer for fre... More »

A metric ruler is used to measure things in centimeters and millimeters with 1 centimeter equaling 10 millimeters, so a ruler will have 10 tiny millimeter lines between each centimeter to denote the millimeter. This can ... More »

While required school supplies vary by school and by teacher, sixth-grade supply lists typically include lined composition notebooks, blue and red ink pens, a ruler, three-ring binders and subject dividers. Sixth-graders... More » Education K-12 offers a printable 6-inch ruler template. offers a wide variety of printable ruler templates; none of them are exactly 6 inches, but all are greater than 6 inches. Each website h... More » Education K-12

To use a ruler to measure ring size, wrap a string around the ring finger and make a mark at the point where the string meets, and then measure the distance between the marks with the ruler. The length between the mark s... More »