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A Madonna Piercing is a labret placed in the upper lip, off-center on the right, in the same place that a number of starlets have beauty marks (moles). Jewelry is often around 14 gauge labret studs or even jeweled labret studs. The difference between a Monroe and Madonna piercing is the side of the face where the labret is placed; a Monroe piercing is placed on the left side, a Madonna ...


Lip Piercings & Lip Rings. Sep 17, 2013 / By melissa on Information Center Body Jewelry Information Lip Rings Piercing Information. Lip piercings have been historically common in many African tribes and South American cultures. The jewelry worn in such lip piercings ranges from rings to decorative lip plates that are typically worn in the lower ...


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Medusa piercings go through the center of the upper lip (the philtrum), perpendicular to the tissue. Labret piercings are pierced with a labret stud and can pierced in the center or off-center. A variation of this is the lowbret, a lower labret. Vertical labret piercings go through the center of the bottom lip, parallel to the tissue.


Lip piercing is a body modification type, puncturing lips, the surrounding area or the lip frenulum. The formed opening is decorated with a designated jewelry. There are many different types of lip piercings, so you could choose your perfect one.


There are many different types of lip piercings and on this page you can learn about the most popular types of lip piercing. Theoretically the lip can be placed anywhere around the mouth but the most popular lip piercing is a labret piercing in the centre of the bottom lip. Lip piercings are considered both oral and facial piercings and require careful cleaning.


The basic lip piercing describes any piercing that penetrates the area directly surrounding the lips, usually along the bottom lip but sometimes found along the top as well. A lip piercing is pierced with a lip ring either directly in the center of the lip or just off to the side. It will almost always be pierced initially with a captive-bead ring, though after the wound has fully healed ...


I asked for it to be slightly off-centre on my bottom lip so it would align better with my top lip (my lips are a bit wonky :S) so i probably wasn't the best candidate for this piercing but i ...


All bite lip piercings are comprised of two to four standard lip piercings. Think about cyber bites, which involve piercing the philtrum (center upper lip) and the center lower lip. A piercing of just the philtrum is called a Medusa piercing, and a piercing of the center lower lip is called a labret piercing.


Lip piercing is a type of facial piercing that penetrates the lips from one side to the other. Lip piercing also involves piercing the area surrounding the lips in different ways. Lip piercing can be done anywhere around the mouth. Piercing done at specific positions around the mouth has certain names.Monroe piercing, Medusa piercing, Labret piercing, Angelbites, Cyberbites, Snakebites ...