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What Is the Celtic Sun and Moon? One of the primary Celtic symbols for the Sun was an X or a four-spoked wheel. A primary symbol for the moon showed three adjacent moons in waxing, full and waning phases.


Considering a sun tattoo? This article, which details the history, design, and meaning of the sun tattoo, will help you decide on the look of your tattoo. You'll see photos of sun-and-moon tattoos ranging from tribal to Celtic designs.


Tribal Sun and Moon Tattoo Meaning. Tribal Sun and Moon tattoos vary pretty widely in their style. They can feature a smaller sun resting within the crescent of a larger moon, or the Half Sun/ Half Moon, Yin Yang style design. Like all tribal tattoos, these images tend to be heavily graphic and are most often done in solid black ink.


This Cultural and Religous Symbols page provides detailed information on a variety of symbols and icons of special cultural, sprititual, and religious significance, both Celtic and otherwise. These symbols include the Triquetra, Trislele, Celtic Cross, Brigid's Cross, Lion Rampant, Thistle, Harp, Shamrock, Claddagh, Welsh Dragon, Pentale or Pentagram, Chalice Well, Green Man, Elven or Fairie ....


New moon meaning: When the moon is fully dark, with no illumination from the sun, it is symbolic of a quiet time - the time before something begins. It is thought of as a time to make new plans, or to think of what projects or dreams you wish to set into motion. Waxing moon meaning: This moon is partly illuminated and


Branches start as small buds and stretch upwards, reaching for the sun and sky. Just like this tree, a person grows stronger over time and strives for greater knowledge and new experiences. Celtic Tree of Life meaning: Celtic people felt a deep connection to nature, especially towards trees.


This page contains the names of the Full Moon in various cultures, including Colonial America, Cherokee, Choctaw, Celtic, Medieval England,Neo-Pagan, Wiccan, Algonquian and Old English.


The moon is also one of the most popular symbols for its mythical meaning. Similar to the sun, the moon is believed to give light at night. It is also a feminine symbol and stands for motherhood. The moon is also believed to control the emotions of human beings.


Great Sun and Moon Tattoos. As with all tattoos, sun and moon tattoos can be used for the beauty of body art. But many people are tattooed with this design because of the numerous meanings it holds. Sun and moon tattoos are known to represent a merging of opposites, unity, and cooperation instead of conflict, and rebirth.


The Celtic cross is sometimes called the Celtic sun cross. The basic form of a Celtic cross is a simple cross with a circle around the intersection of the stem and arms. Celtic crosses are connected to all those of the Celtic background. However, they likely began in Gaelic Ireland. It is thought ...