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Celtic Symbols and Their Meanings. Welcome to our celtic symbols page. The celts had a lot of symbols in their lore, this page features some of the most popular knots, and symbols that the celtic people recognized and used in their symbolism. Included below are pictures along with the descriptions and meanings of the symbols.


At this point, it is essential to have knowledge of Celtic symbolism considering it played an important part for their belief system. For those who are curious to know, here is the list of the most prominent Celtic symbols and their meanings. Triskelion


10 Irish Celtic Symbols Explained And Their Meanings In 2019 April 11, 2019 Irish Around The World There is so many Irish around the world, this website was created to help connect and spread the Irish connections.


Celtic Spiral Meaning & Symbolism. In Celtic symbols and their meanings, the Spiral represents our spiritual nature and the potential for our soul’s on-going growth. Like the universe itself our soul is ever changing and expanding. Each type of Celtic Spiral has its own significance. Clockwise Spiral: Represents the element of water. It may ...


Their longevity is largely explained by the strong connection between the visual design elements and symbolic meaning, as is shown below in Celtic Knot Meanings. One meaning above all has prevailed. The interlacing, continuous design is the symbol of the interconnectedness and continuity of life.


Celtic Symbols and Signs Introduction Page. For centuries, Celtic symbols and signs held incredible power for the ancient Celts in every way of life. Today, we can learn about this power and utilize it by learning the language of Celtic symbols. The word “Celtic” refers to people who lived in Britain and Western Europe from 500 BC and 400 AD.


Quaternary Celtic Knot – The task of tracking down the exact meaning of Celtic symbols is difficult due to the lack of concrete proofs or writings. In many cases, one has to rely on the artist’s interpretation of a particular symbol. The quaternary knot symbol could thus, depict or indicate four directions (East, West, North, and South).


Their artwork was famous through the lands of the Irish, Scottish, and Welsh, and they were skilled in the art of complex metalwork, jewelry, and weapons. Celtic knots and crosses were their most commonly seen designs. The symbols used in Celtic artwork were designed to tell a story—oral tradition and tales.


Various Celtic Symbol Meanings. Celtic symbol meanings are sometimes tough to track because there are minimal known surviving written records of indicating specific Celtic symbol meanings. Quite a bit of understanding about Celtic use of symbols comes from conjecture and supposition from authorities and historians of ancient Celtic culture.


All of the Celtic symbols mentioned in this guide are beautiful, mysterious, and their meanings are often open to interpretation. What we have provided you with is an outline of what leading scholars in the field of Celtic art, architecture, and history believe based on their studies. Let us know what you think these symbols mean.