The Federal Communications Commission states, "Cellular or PCS cell site towers are typically 50-200 feet high." Cell phone towers can exist as stand-alone structures, or an antenna can be attached to water towers or the... More »

To find cell towers, visit, fill in your address, and submit your search details to view nearby cell towers on a map. The site displays the existing and future cell towers within 3 miles of the specifi... More » Technology Mobile

Cell phone towers are constructed using steel shaped in a pole or a lattice. These towers house radio transmitters and receivers that allow communications to transfer between phones and towers. The radios are connected t... More » Technology Mobile

The Federal Communications Commission website contains lists of registered antenna structures across the United States, including cell towers. Alternatively, combines a list of FCC-registered towers wit... More » Technology Mobile

Cellular phone providers do not offer six-month contracts. The standard contract term is 2 years. The cost of the handset is the reason for the contract length. More » Technology Mobile

Smartphones are designed to access the Internet and download information using cellular service towers, just like voice and text messages. However, using Wi-Fi for data won't impact the monthly usage costs. More »

Popular options for cheap cellphone plans include prepaid options from major carriers and third parties that lease service on their towers. Republic Wireless is a popular provider that offers discounted plans by routing ... More » Technology Mobile