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Cell phone numbers may be researched on websites that offer reverse phone lookup such as PeopleSmart or SpyDialer. Such websites usually provide the contact information, such as name and address, for a service fee.


Spy Dialer lets users look up cell phone numbers without any fees or membership requirements. Users can also upgrade to a paid membership to use the program's more advanced features.


White Pages, Yellow Pages and AnyWho all offer nationwide reverse phone look up services that can be used to look up cell phone numbers free of charge. In addition, AnyWho, White Pages and Yellow Pages all provide online access to nationwide phone number directories free of charge.


Most cell phone carriers charge a fee for canceling a contract early. This fee is usually called an early termination fee.


Important things to look for when purchasing a cell phone include the type of phone, the carrier and key features. When buying a smartphone, the operating system and battery life are alsoimportant.


Most major phone carriers allow subscribers to change their phone numbers at any time. However, the change may cost a small fee and take a certain period to materialize.


Since there is no publicly available wireless number database, try searching for the cell phone number on Whitepages.com. The website collates information from directories and from third party data providers who may have gotten personal information from contests, sweepstakes and other forms filled o


Phone numbers for both individuals and businesses are available on phone directory websites such as yellowpages.com and whitepages.com. Individuals can look for landline numbers on these websites.


Some of the top cell phone providers include Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, Ting, Boost Mobile and Consumer Cellular, according to extensive reviews and tests by Top Ten Reviews. Verizon secured the top spot as of April 2015, scoring highly for device selection and coverage.


National Cellular Directory is a website where users can quickly and inexpensively find cell phone numbers. The online directory started in 2006 as an "Opt-In" directory where opted-in National Cellular Directory members can search other opted-in members.