During interphase, the cell is preparing to divide and is actively synthesizing the required components. Originally and inaccurately referred to as "the resting stage," the interphase is actually a period in which a cons... More »

Cell division, also called mitosis, occurs in multicellular organisms to create tissues, organs and organ systems. It is a method of asexual reproduction in unicellular organisms, and it occurs because it’s essential for... More »

During cell division, a cell duplicates its own DNA to create two identical cells. The process of cell division, also called mitosis, occurs in five stages: prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase and interphase. More »

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The longest part of the cell cycle is interphase. During interphase, the cell undergoes a growth phase in which it acquires energy to copy DNA. Once the DNA is copied, the cell undergoes another growth stage and acquires... More »

DNA is replicated during interphase, the phase of the cell cycle that precedes the four stages of mitosis: anaphase, prophase, prometaphase and telophase. According to CyberBridge, a life sciences website maintained by H... More »

Cellular division is important because without these changes, most organisms would die. All life begins and thrives through cellular processes, and cell division is the process of development and transformation. Accordin... More »

The division of animal cells, or mitosis, involves division of the nucleus and cytokinesis, or division of the cytoplasm. Identical copies of all 23 chromosomes are present in both the original and two daughter cells tha... More »