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Although scientists use the term celestial body quite broadly, when they refer to a celestial body orbiting another body they are generally talking about natural satellites, or moons, orbiting a larger body such as a planet or dwarf planet. Within the solar system, astronomers have identified over t


As of June 2014, the nine elements named after celestial bodies are Mercury, Uranium, Neptunium, Plutonium, Cerium, Palladium, Tellurium, Helium and Selenium. These names cover planets, asteroids and stars. In addition, the names of elements have been derived from other areas, including cities, colo


The celestial line produced by the Earth's rotation is described as the line of right ascension. The line of right ascension is one of two lines used by astronomers to find and map specific stars. The second line is the line of declination.


The sun and planets follow the ecliptic, an imaginary plane in the celestial sphere tilted approximately 23.5 degrees relative to the celestial equator. Earthbound observers see the sun and planets move along the ecliptic arc, rising up from the east and setting in the west.


Aside from the moon, a whole multitude of stars, planets, comets and even man-made satellites can be seen with the naked eye on a clear night. With the help of some binoculars or a small telescope, the moons of Jupiter and even spectacular lunar craters can be admired.


November's name comes from the word "novem," which means "nine" in Latin. It was the ninth month of the year in ancient Rome, but on modern calendars it is the eleventh month. King Numa Pompilius decreed that it would only have 29 days, but the 30th day was restored under the reign of Julius Caesar.


The celestial framework file of an Apple iPhone is opened by first opening the folders for system, library and frameworks. Apple does not provide a method for accessing the phone's file system, but several third-party applications can open system files. Users typically access the celestial framework


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