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Celestial Events of 2019 Worth Traveling For and Where to See Them Follow the stars to see spectacular sights from these wondrous locations. By Laura Powers On 3/27/19 at 12:44 PM EDT


To help you keep track of these events and all those in between, we've compiled this calendar of celestial highlights for 2019. We've noted the more significant meteor showers that are visible primarily in the Northern Hemisphere. (We give the peaks of these showers, but do watch for meteors on the days before and after, too.)


This trip around the sun was a remarkable year for space and astronomy. Before you ring in what we hope is a happy new year, look back on what happened in 2019 here . Answers to common questions ...


2019 CELESTIAL CALENDAR. This is an astronomy calendar of the major celestial events that take place in the year 2019. A feast to behold for the eyes. This includes the moon phases, meteor showers, eclipses, major planetary conjunctions, occultation and the like.


Keeping our tradition, today we are introducing you top 10 astronomical events in 2019. The list gives notable astronomical events including eclipses, meteor showers, phases of the moon, and motions of the planets. Quadrantids Meteor Shower – January 3, 4; This Meteor Shower is an above average shower which is going to happen in January 3, 4.


Great Celestial Events For The Year 2019. Here is the full list of great celestial events such as meteor showers, supermoon, and total lunar eclipse for the year 2019. Good news, star gazers and astrologers could witness numerous celestial events this year, which we could rarely see.


Celestial Calendar 2019: Calendar: Ephemeris: Meteor Showers: Eclipses: Occultations: Monthly Calendar. Calendar courtesy of NASA / Goddard Space Flight Sky Events Calendar - SKYCAL. Ephemeris. Ephemeris courtesy of NASA / Goddard Space Flight Sky Events Calendar - SKYCAL. Date UTC Event Jan 01 Tu Venus: 46.9° W 01 Tu 21:50 Moon-Venus: 1.4° S ...


These are our picks for the celestial events you should definitely circle on your calendar for 2019. Super blood moon eclipse—January 20-21. View Images.


2019 Calendar of Astronomical Events: January - June : July - December : Date GMT Event (h:m) Jan 01 21:50 Venus 1.3°S of Moon 02 05 Saturn in Conjunction with Sun 03 05 Earth at Perihelion: 0.98330 AU 03 07:37 Jupiter 3.1°S of Moon 04 02 Quadrantid Meteor Shower 06 01:28 NEW MOON 06 01:41 Partial Solar Eclipse; mag=0.715 06 05 Venus at Greatest Elong: 47.0°W 07 00:08 Moon at Descending ...


Gregorian calendar - June 9, 2019 Orthodox Rabbinic calendar - 6 Sivan, 5779 Orthodox Rabbinic calendar + 240 Missing Years - 6 Sivan, 6019 Bible Genealogy calendar - 6 Sivan, 6017 Celestial Calendar - 6 Sivan, 5934 (Calculation 1) Prophetic Calendar - 6 Sivan, 5995 (Calculation 2) Prophetic calendar - 6 Sivan, 6001.7